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Want to easily tone your facial muscles? Seeing a few new smile lines and wrinkles? Well our Facial Fitness has got you covered. 

Designed to work the underlying muscles, the facial fitness can help combat signs of ageing such as sagging skin, wrinkles and smile lines. Facial fitness tones and tightens the underlying muscles. 

This product is for anyone and you can start using it at any age! Simply hold the device in your mouth and swing the arms up and down by nodding your head rhythmically. With repeated use it can help to fight signs of ageing. 

The facial fitness comes with 3 different weights, so that you can gradually build up the difficulty as you continue to the use the device. The weights are 18g, 23g and 28g. 

[correct exercise method]
■ Suggested exercise time
3 0 seconds x 2 times a day
● If the use of continuous time will put a burden on the body, please use it within the recommended time.

● When using for the first time, please try a short time first.
● Please keep the movement time within 90 seconds.
● When continuous use is required, add a pause of about 1 minute after each standard time.
  ■ The correct inclusion of the mouth
※ Please remove the mouth cover before use, carefully wash the mouth with water, and then dry the water droplets.

1. Open your mouth, and is O type.
2. Cover the recessed part of the interface with your lips.
3. Only use the lips to cover the fixed support.
  ■The correct shaking method

1. Contains mouth.
  ※ Please do not use your teeth to support but use your lips.
2. Shake the head up and down to drive the balance code at both ends to shake up and down.
  ※ Please confirm in the mirror that the face is rocking vertically toward the front.
● When using for the first time, please let the balance code swing between the nose and the lower jaw.
●Before accustomed to using this product, please try to shake it in a short time (5~10 seconds).
● Increase the amount of shaking after using the habit, or use a heavier balance code to increase the weight of the exercise.

  ※ Usually the amount of shaking is between the eyebrows and the neck.

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