Small SE Heating Type E-Cigarette
Small SE Heating Type E-Cigarette
Small SE Heating Type E-Cigarette
Small SE Heating Type E-Cigarette

Small SE Heating Type E-Cigarette

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🔸Product Advantages:

1. Delicate, Appearance, Concise, Trendy

2. Integrated Design, Easier Operation

3. Temperature Control, USB Charging

🔸Product Color: Red, Black, Silver

🔸Device Weight: 43.5g

🔸Device Dimension: 26.30*16.60*84.00mm

🔸Battery Capacity: 900mAh

🔸Charging Time: 1 Hour

🔸Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2V


Se Device*1, User Manual*1, Cleaning Brush*1

USB Cable*1, Warranty Card*5, Gift Box*1, Accessary Box*1

🔸Using Method:

1. Press Fire Button five times continuously in two seconds to turn on. The white LED blinks three times to indicate device power, then will enter Standby mode if no operation.

2. Power Indication: Press Fire Button once to show the power status through different light colors: Blue Light: Power≥70%, Green Light: 70%>Power≥50%, Yellow Light: Power<50%

3. Heating: Press Fire Button for three seconds, the device vibrates once, and red LED starts blinking, then the system enters Heating mode.

4. Temperature Control: When temperature reaches the preset value, red LED turns on and device vibrates once, the system enters Temperature Control State, then it's ready for smoking.

5. Smoking Overtime: If smoking over three minutes and 30 seconds, the device vibrates once. If smoking over four minutes, LED blinks three times and the system stops heating.

6. Charging: Connect with USB cable under Standby mode, the device enters Charging State. The Working State won't change when smoking. Red LED turns on when it's in Charging and Standby mode. And LED turns off till fully charged.

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